About Me

Hi! My name is Emily Wagner and I am biomedical engineer by day and a health and foodie nut by night. Currently, I am based out of Charlotte, North Carolina but it is not uncommon to find me hundreds of miles away from home as I jump on any opportunity to travel the world. On an average day you can find me at a health-food store, local vegan restaurant, or just soaking up the sun.

My Story

I have been overweight pretty much all my life. My parents always joke with me about how much I ate as a kid (and how nothing has changed). They will tell me stories about how when I was in preschool my parents packed me a massive lunch and the teacher called and told my parents they needed to pack me a bigger lunch because I kept asking for hers! However, due to the foods I was consuming I only kept gaining weight at an unhealthy rate.


When I was in middle school is when I really started to notice that I was different than most of my classmates, bigger. People started to tease me and make fun of me because of my weight. As I grew older, the way I viewed myself was also influenced by this teasing and by the mainstream media. I thought I was ugly and always considered myself the “fat friend”. I had fears that my friends only kept me around to make themselves look better. When I was a child, I was extremely extroverted and always wanting to make new friends. As I became less and less confident, I grew more and more reserved. I was unhappy to say the least.

College came around and I finally got to be on my own and do as I pleased. At my school, people seemed a lot more open minded and more accepting of me as a person. I felt like I was off the leash. This led to an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I was stuck in the cycle of binging and then feeling guilty and restricting. I gained weight at such a rapid rate I became the heaviest I had ever been. Combined with all the walking I did around campus, I was uncomfortable. I felt as if my own body was suffocating me. It was difficult to keep up with my friends when we walked places, I was always hot, the list goes on. I thought I could never change.


Then one day it all seemed to click into place. I can do anything I tell myself I can do. What’s the worst that can happen? Even if I try, really try, I’ll be a whole lot closer than I am now. So what do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. I was the one holding me back because I refused to hold myself accountable for my health.

Since March 2017, I started holding myself accountable for how I feel and I have never looked back. While this transformation is clearly visible externally, it is also amazing the changes in my attitude and mind since I made this decision.

This blog is dedicated to this commitment I made to myself in 2017. It is here where I will log my journey as I continue to grow and develop as a person. I want this to be a raw and true account of my process so hopefully that I can inspire others. Yes, I am a real person who makes mistakes and no you are not alone in this process. I am here to say I would not be where I am today had I not put in the time and effort to love and take care of myself as well as make the mistakes I made.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Love and Support,


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