Healthy Ice Cream Swaps

Ice cream has always been one of my favorite desserts. So “dieting” without eating ice cream just seemed like a life I did not want to live. Also in my process of getting healthy and losing weight, I learned that I was lactose intolerant. Eating dairy just made my stomach hurt. However, I just thought that was normal until I cut out dairy and realized it wasn’t. So for the past 1-2 years I have been on the hunt for healthy ice cream alternatives. Here are my favorites that I have found thus far!

Nice Cream

nice cream.jpg

Nine times out of ten, this hits the spot. If you don’t know what nice cream is its just blended frozen bananas. You just freeze really ripe bananas (the more ripe, the more sweet they are) and once they are frozen you just pop them in a blender and it turns into this creamy consistency. This is great on its own. As a chocolate lover, I love to add cacao powder to make it chocolate flavor. I’ve made all sorts of flavors from mint chocolate chip to peanut butter. I just make whatever I’m craving!

Halo Top


I have mixed feelings about Halo Top. If you find a flavor you like, great! I find that some of their flavors taste really watery, especially any vanilla-y flavor. For me I liked their caramel macchiato flavor, but to be fair I haven’t tried very many of them. I like that you can eat the whole pint for under 500 calories, but this is not a treat I will have very often. They don’t have great ingredients in their ice cream (lots of added sugars of course). However on occasion when nice cream doesn’t cut it, this is a good one to eat and still remain in a caloric deficit!

Avocado Ice Cream


This has become a recent favorite of mine! While this is a calorically dense food, this ice cream has the creaminess that the other alternatives lack. I will say, I have a history of binge eating. But, a little bit of this ice cream can go a long way! (Not to say I haven’t eaten the whole pint in one sitting) I’ve had all three of their flavors. If you know me, the chocolate one was my favorite, but the mint was a close second. The lemon never stood a chance. This ice cream is hard to find. I have been able to find it at Fresh Market, but you may also be able to order it online somehow.

There you have it, my favorite ice cream alternatives! Who says that you can’t eat ice cream and still be healthy? Seriously though, sometimes I will make nice cream for breakfast. It really satisfies my sweet tooth without getting me off track for the day. My friends and family can vouch that I got through a lot of bananas. These are not the only ice cream alternatives I will eat but they are the most healthy. I say if you’re really craving some junky food and you know none of these alternatives will satisfy that craving, I say go ahead and have it! Life is all about moderation so having the occasional “bad” treat won’t ruin you. It’s your habits that make up your health. But, these are some options for you when you just want something sweet and ice cream-like and don’t want to feel deprived.