Choc-Cherry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I’ll be the first to admit I have a massive sweet tooth and I am obsessed with chocolate. Smoothie bowls are a great way for me to satisfy this craving. If made properly, it is almost like eating ice cream with a bunch of fun toppings! This recipe is actually my all-time favorite. I like it so much that I have to make it sparingly otherwise it will be the only thing I’d eat. So I’m going to share this super simple recipe and hopefully someone else can share my addiction and understand my struggle.

Optional Topping Suggestions

Chia Seeds

Cacao Nibs

Coconut Flakes

Banana Slices




1 cup of frozen pitted cherries

1 ripe frozen banana

1-2 tbsp of cacao powder (depending on your taste preference)

½ of an avocado (optional)

1 scoop of plant-based protein powder (optional)

Water or plant milk

Place the cherries, banana, and avocado in the blender. The avocado makes the end result more creamy but isn’t necessary. Just make sure the avocado isn’t super ripe. My blender blades are dull so I have to add a little bit of water. However, if you can blend the cherries and the banana without water, go ahead and do so. If you have the same problem I have, add only a little bit of water at a time. I would say start with around a tablespoon and add more from there. The less water, the better. You could also sub in plant-based milk instead of water if you’d like. However, I don’t notice much of a taste difference. When it’s mostly blended (doesn’t have to be completely smooth) add in the cacao and protein powder. You could also add hemp seeds or chia seeds here if you would like. This prevents the powders and seeds from sticking to the sides or bottom. Now blend until it’s a smooth consistency. It should be really thick. Dump into a bowl and serve! I have also listed some topping suggestions. You can use some of the ones listed, or make up your own! This is your masterpiece. Don’t forget to take an instagram-worthy photo and tag me in it!